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    Do you want to take action towards global cervical cancer elimination?

    Pledge to host an in-person or virtual screening of Conquering Cancer upon its release in 2021 for your network, workplace, school, organisation, family or friends.

    Hosting is simple to do and one you've registered your interest, we’ll provide you with a ‘how to host’ guide packed with all the information and options you'll need to run a memorable screening event for your community.

    There are a few different ways to host a screening, either at a cinema or at a venue of your choice.

    If you use cinema on demand and host at a cinema, you’ll receive 5% of the box office.

    There may be a small fee if you choose to host at a venue of your choice, but there is the option to recoup this through ticket sales.

    As a host, you can organise the event to include a panel discussion or use it as a fundraising opportunity. Hosted screenings can generate thousands of dollars for your organisation or chosen cause. They’re also an invaluable tool to raise awareness and enact policy change.

    Register now for your chance to host the premiere of Conquering Cancer in your region.

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    Let's work together and eliminate cervical cancer for women and girls everywhere.